Fancontrol on Asus b450-I under Linux

Hey all,

I have a Ryzen 3700 in an Asus B450-I in a Dan-a4(tiny case) that sits right on my desk. Due to the size of the case, the CPU gets relatively hot, but has been throttled back to PPT=45W to control that.
In Windows using AISuite, any short heat spikes(due to CPU spiking for short periods of time) don’t result in fans spinning up and slowing down, due to AISuites ability to delay fan spin ups. After a lot of tweaking I’ve got a fan curve that keeps noise to a minimum and temperatures never really get above 85c.

Now in Linux(both Arch and Ubuntu), the chassis fans spin up and down as the CPU temp rises and lowers as they’re being controlled by the bios. The sound of this is significantly more irritating than a static fan speed.
I have installed asus-wmi-sensors to get access to the ITE IT8665E sensors, but this doesn’t help with fancontrol as the fans aren’t visible.

Does anyone have any idea on getting fans controllable from inside Linux? qfancontrol in the bios doesn’t have the functionality to delay fan spin ups, so doesn’t cover my use-case.

CPU - Ryzen 3700 cooled by Alpenfohn Black Ridge /w Noctua 92mm
Mobo - Asus B450-I
GPU - EVGA 2070 Super XC
Ram - 32GB LPX 3200mhz
Chassis fans - 2x Noctua 92mm
PSU - HDPlex 400W DC-DC

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