Fan Suggestions for Corsair 540 Case

I bought a Corsair 540 a few weeks ago (a week before Logan put up the overview) and wanted to optimize the air cooling in it by getting some new fans. I still have the stock fans the case comes with plus one cheap 140mm xigmatek fan (located over my cpu cooler) that I got for free with an order from Newegg.

In the main chamber, I currently have a xigmatek dark knight black hawk with a push/pull configuration on an amd 8350 in a asus sabertooth 990fx 2.0, 2 sticks of ram, 2 hdd at the bottom of the case, and a gigabyte windforce gtx 560.

So in other words, I'm trying to figure out if I should get new fans with really high cfm or should i stick with higher static pressure instead... I'm just not quite sure since this case is so much more open (and nicer) than any other case I've owned. So if you have any advice for case fans or even new fans for the cpu cooler, I'd appreciate it. As of right now, I've been looking at cougar, noctua, bitfenix, and corsair.

I really do not care about noise, I'm all about effectiveness.

Thanks in advance!

CFM! All of the CFM!

HAHAHA! That was my first instinct, but I really wanted to get more educated opinions than my own. Do you have a specific suggestion?

Cougar Vortexes are great CFM for the price.

Cool. Thanks for the suggestion!

The enermax twister blades silence are very nice for the price




Cfm for open spaces, like case intake and exhaust.

Static pressure for heatsinks, radiators, anything with fins.

General rule to follow.

The fans that come with it are great. I haven't even changed mine yet. Although I have a watercooled setup. It keeps my GPU frosty.