Fan Pros and Cons

Hey forum, I was wondering, what are the pros of 120mm fans, and the con's. Same for the 140mm fans. 

Thanks :3

OK, well a 120 vs 140:

  • 140mm can move same/more air at lower RPM
  • 140mm can have mounting difficulties, 120mm more 'universal'
  • More fan options at 120mm size point
  • 120mm tend to be better pressure optimized (in my experience)

Hope this helps!

Bigger fans need less rpm (rotations per minute) to achieve the same or better cfm (cubic feet per minute) of air flow. The lower rpm usually means lower db (noise). Other things that effect airflow or noise is blade design and the bearings on the fan. 


120mm - massive selection of high quality fans with decent CFM, large selection of high-SP fans, lots of quality fan makers in this size, more compatibility with a larger number of cases, radiators, and heatsinks.

140mm - More CFM at lower noise, potentially higher SP


120mm - Generally louder than 140mm counterparts, not much else.

140mm - More expensive (usually), much smaller selection (Noctua makes the only 'good' 140mm fan for radiators/sinks), physically larger, so not as compatible with as many cases.

Are the betfinex spretre pro led fans good fans for their price? 

they are excellent. about the same level of performance as noctuas, perhaps not as good for static pressure, but noctuas are considered to be the best for SP.

Oh alright. What about the fans that come with the corsair 400r? Are they good and quiet?