Fan optimisation for silence

Hi all I have my build running for a while now and I think my pc can be more quiet. Recently I swapped the stock fans on my h100i for corsair SP 120 quiet edition fans. Knowing that they are 3 pin I plan on using the voltage adapter. But i think my exhaust fan is kinda noisy. It is the stock fan of the enthoo pro case and I am willing to swap it. I know that noctua has the low noise adapters for sale but does anyone know if bequiet! sells them to? I looked at bequiet fans and think that they are better with looks and value. Also my 200mm stock fan is noticable, should I swap it with 2 other fans or what do you think?

How can I make my pc more quiet, the cooling isnt any problem so i can go up a few degrees.
Thanks in advance

Running more fans at really low RPM is one of my favorite ways, not sure if you have enough space to do something like this, but in something like a Corsair 900d where you can have like 4 360 rads and 15 low 2000rpm fans works a treat....

Bequiet fans (at least the SilentWings2 models) come with a Molex to 5V + 7V + 12V 3-pin adapter. You could use that. Or you could use one of the fan headers on the motherboard and set up a fan profile in either the BIOS/UEFI or in Speedfan.

one way is just to setup a fan profile where the fan runs at 5-10% most of the time until it starts to get very hot then ramp up the speed very aggressively.

i have a vii formula motherboard, but do you know if the molex adapter from bequiet is able to get 2 times 7 volt?

Well, here's the adapter in question. Pretty sure you can safely hang 2 fans on it if you use a Y-splitter.

If you're in Europe, I don't mind putting a pair in an envelope and sending them your way. I won't use them anyway.

I in mather of fact do live in europe, would be great :o

Asus has some of the best fan controller software... Why not run all your fans directly off the motherboard? You can change the profiles in the BIOS or with AI Suite

I once did an attempt for that and my pc went full throttle

Have you considered switching to air cooling? I de-watercooled my machine about a year ago and have been quite pleased with the result. I switched from an H100i with Noctua NF-F12s to the biggest Noctua air cooler I could fit in my case. I run the same OC as before, but it is much quieter and temps have gone up just a couple of degrees.

In my experience, a decent AIO will allow you to squeeze just a bit more performance out of a machine, but if those last couple of percent don't really matter to you, a top-quality air cooler is often a quieter alternative. Custom loops are a different ball of wax, of course.

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its because of the fins in my radiator but i have 2 adapters that came with my sp120 quiet editions, havent put those in tho but its definetly already better than the stock fans. Now I am hearing the exhaust fan and that is connected to the fan controllor of my enthoo pro case but idk what that is doing.