Fan Help!


My HAF X fans have been quite loud recently and I want to know what would be the best 120/140 mm fan for the back of my case for exhaust and 200mm fan for exhaust at the back of my case. Also can you fit 2 140/120's in a 230mm spot or 200mm spot?

Price isn't a concern since all fans in australia for cases are relatively the same price. ($20 - $30)


Thanks in advance

If you're going for quiet fans Corsair SP120's the quiet version would be great. They have good performance, look decent, and have rubber dampeners all the 4 corners to further help with noise reduction/rattling.

Depending on the HAF case you are using, yes, Cooler Master allows for the replacement of the 200mm for 120/140mm fans. If in doubt, remove the 200mm and take a 120/140mm and line them up with the screw holes available. I am pretty sure you are OK with this set up.