Fan controller

hi guys.

recently bought 4 d14 pwm fans and i'm looking for a fan controller. i don't know if i want a 5.25 or a 3.5 ore pci. i'm using a fractal r4 which has a fan controller but 4 pin doesn't fit and it only has 2 pins in it. i only have 1 fan header on my motherboard (3pin). does someone knows a good fan controller? i went to a pc store and they said that i need to buy new fans. he really said i should buy 3-5 euro fans.

lol, he lied to you. just check out the fan controller yourself. it should all have 4 pin connectors in the fan controller, just LOOK at it.

I have a scythe kaze master pro 5.25 and i like it a lot. You can put 6 4 pin fans on the controler and also 6 temperature sensors. What i like most is that you can turn the fans completely off so you don't hear them when you're idling. A friend of mine has one too and he even controls his corsair H60 pump from it.

When it comes to pricing it is not the cheapest (but you get a lot), when i bought it about a year ago it was around 40 euros.

Hope this helped, feel free to aks questions when you have them.

it looks nice but it wont fit in my fractal r4. can't close the door:(. looking at the deepcool rockman pwm. not the best but it's 30watts and i can turn the fans off.

You can also look at one with a touch screen so you have no kobs that can interfere with the door. I know aerocool has some, but i'am not sure whether they ake 1 or 2 5.25 bays. Altough they will be more expensive and maybe a little to flashy.

I have the NZXT Sentry 2, I think I paid $25 US for it. Fits in 1 5.25 bay and has five 4-pin fan connectors. 

I use a bitfenix fan controller, it takes the motherboard header style fan connectors. Takes 5 fans, you can turn them off, and its touchscreen. Also has temp sensors and a USB connector so you can control the fan profiles from your desktop instead of on the computer itself.

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I might have to switch to that one simply for the ability to control with software. 

EDIT: actually looking at my new motherboard, it has 8 fan connectors on it. I can connect them all to the mobo and control with the ASUS software. 

i bought the deepcool rockman pwm. isn't the best but sinds the most 5.25 ones wont fit in my fractral r4. this 3.5 isn't that bad for 20 euro (25$)