FAN control on PopOS

Hello everybody. I m new to the forum and want some help if you can assist me. I m running PopOS 20.04 on a secondary drive - running on a threadripper 2950x and an Asus prime x399-a motherboard. I m new to linux and have it set-up the way i like after a little fiddling and experimenting. The thing i ve not managed to do yet is control the fan speeds under linux. On the same machine under windows, i have the asus AI suite installed, automatically tweaked the fan curves through that, and the machine performs very well and is very quiet. On linux (and on hackintosh too on a third hd) the fans seem to work full force all the time. It gets quite loud and annoying. Any ideas on how to fix that? Thanks in advance.

Personally I just do it in the UEFI

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You mean through the bios?
Wouldnt that mess with the windows settings though -which are done through the software?

Yeah, the inbuilt BIOS fan control

I would think that the ASUS software would be prioritised over the BIOS settings, but I’m not certain. You could do a quick test to find out?

In Windows the Asus Aisuite will take control. In Linux it will fall back to bios, unless you have fan control software.

But have you checked out fan control in the bios? Asus’s bios fan control is very good. It can pretty much do the same as the Aisuite.

Edit: I use the bios fan control on my Asus Z170 sabertooth motherboard, which runs ubuntu.

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