Fan Compatibility on my NZXT Phantom 820

I was just wondering should the need arise. What kind of compatibility am i looking at in terms of fans for my NZXT Phantom 820? CoolerMaster and Thermaltake both make what look to be 200mm fans. Noctua don't make any 200mm case fans after doing some searching. The highest they'll go is 140mm.

Has anyone replaced or added more fans to the Phantom 820? Please don't tell me i'm stuck with just choosing NZXT fans.
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Oh yeah. That didn't come to mind at all. PCpartpicker apparently shows you any compatibility issues. Basically, every 200mil fan is compatible. And they all seem like they have the same mounting points. I don't know why the hell NZXT would limit the compatibility and kill such a great case. I suppose they aren't limited. Every single fan i select once i select the Phantom 820 seems to be compatible. So i suppose... Problem solved?