Fan blade of GPU broken. Help me fix it! Radeon 6950

A friend just gave me a working powercolor 6950 with a broken fan blade. Anyone know where i can get a new fan for it? or any ideas what i should do?


Edit: This is the card im on about btw:

you could try contact powercolor to send you another fan for a little cost.

or be a hippy and remove the old one and add a normal 80/92mm case fan instead ;D. everyone has those right?

your wasting your time getting in touch with powercolour. there customer service sucks balls.


you will have to do what i did and buy a new cooler. they range from 30-55 quid. i went for the arctic cool version for my 5870 and its great. silent and my max temp at 100% fanspeed (which you cant hear over the case fans on low) is 47'c which is not bad for a card that used to run at 80+ and sounded like a vacuum cleaner.


Tbh i dont feel like spending that amount of money on the card when im not going to use it for anything atm and i could probably even buy the same card new for that price :S

find out the diameter of the fan, look around (ebay's a good start) for a fan that looks like it mounts the same, or just ghetto rig a case fan to it