Fan and screen tearing issues on AMD laptop


I got a new laptop today (HP 15-P222AX) which has a AMD A10 CPU and R6 GPU which I've put Linux on but I've run in to a problem.

If I use the open source drivers the fan runs too loud. If I use the proprietary drivers the fans is better but I get awful screen tearing. I haven't been able to find a siltation as most of what I've found about these issues is outdated.

I don't really care which driver I use so if anyone knows a solution to either of these problems that would be great. I can give you more details if you need them but right now I'm away from the laptop.

I've tried setting the power profile to battery to no effect and running the sensors command gives me no info about the fan so I'm not sure if there's any way to control it manually.

I'm using manjaro cinnamon and using mhwd to install the drivers.

Iirc 'fancontrol' is a default daemon in most distros, and you can make a config file /etc/fancontrol to tweak it, but idk the syntaxes since I've never touched it...