Fallout new vegas help!

alright. so I need to go to ceasars fort and get the platinum chip. but when ever I go there they are all eneymys and try to kill me. I have the mark of caesar and I told my companions to leave before I got there so they are not causing the reaction. I put on legion armor and still. then I tried saving and editing my stats with the legion. I made it so I ahd no negitive and was idolized. but still when I went there they tried to kill me..... any Ideas? its driving me nuts.

(other than that once I tried to edit the stats I ahve no used any cheats, and have since gone back to a older save so my stats are normal and I havent cheated)

Are you playing on PC? How were your interactions with the Legion before......My best guess even though i havent played this game in a long time is either you are with another faction that they really hate or you have to do something to gain there trust. Maybe a quest. Have you tried referring to fallout new vegas wiki really helpful.

I was vilified, but the mark of ceasar is supposed to make it so you are neutral to them. 

Ill recheck with the wiki, thanks for the help!

i thought it had something to do with skippin time.

i had the same issue on pc.I just killed them all,and got the chip

Maby Boone whas trigger happy as usual  *)

a few days should work,

 so try to skip time (tree days) and do some saves,

maby u can level upp  and get all bad or good karma away

When you get the chip from Benny this Legion messenger-guy comes to you when you exit the casino asking you to cooperate with the Legion. Your >bad< reputation within the Legion is now gone and no Legion soldiers should attack you. If you killed any of the Legion from there you gain bad reputation and they will attack you once again. If you continue with the main-quest by NOT chosing to go with Ceasers Legion, you're going to have a bad time getting to these robots. I ended up killing everyone in the Legion camp just for lulz.

Hope it helps.


does this mean I can just kill everyone except the guy on the dock that takes me to the island? is there any other way to get there besides him or cheating?

and when I do get to the island can I just kill everyone including caesar? im siding with the NCR, BOS, and mr house


Well, you can only pick one faction to go with. NCR (ally them with BOS) or Mr. House. From Cottenwood Cove you can take the boat to the Legion fort but killing Ceasar is HARD. Make sure you have some expendables but strong companions and arm them with the best.

which do you think is best? I would think Mr house and the ncr, but what pros and cons to BOS NCR and house are there? 

dont worry about spoilers, just dont type the entire game out. 


how hard? like rex and someone else hard? 


I just dont want to kill the guy that mans the boat because then I cant get to the island...


will my companions kill him if we kill everyone else? or will he remain unhostile?





I always went pure NCR. But if you run around and ask every NPC in the game about their opinions the NCR you will know that the NCR is good but by far perfect. Mr. House is nothing more but a dictator. Working with Yes Man and you will be the ruler of Mojave. Helping the Legion and you are... well I dislike the Legion LOL.

The boat guy will turn hostile as soon as you open fire upon the Legion soldiers in the area.

If you play as a ranged fighter you should get two melee companions. Rex and Lulu are good. Note that Ceasar and his bodyguards are highly skilled in unarmed combat and powerfists really hurts.

Hope it helps.

alright thanks! im going to try just massacuring Everyone in the legion :D




also, does spell check not work on the forums? because it never seems to ahve any red error marks under any of my words.. or maybe I finally learned how to spell? haha

Thanks a ton guys! :)

it worked and I got the chip, turned a bunch of mr houses quests in then killed him and made yesman the new "king" of sorts, now Im off to save the president! :D


had the same with the boat guy.

thought i only could get to cesar true this boat guy,but you dont need him to get there.

just go to the barge ,and u can click on the boat,and offf you go to cesar, *)

^ I figured that out by watching one of "WingsOfRedemption's" videos. he is doing a fallout new vegas playtrhough and he did just that (clicking on the boat even though the guy was dead) so I tried it and it worked! 


also. for some reason it seems like when ever I type on this forum I cant spell or type actual words.. anyone else? :P

well english is not my native language,.so i dont care (hehe)

i played new vegas storyline like 4 times now,

and still amazed by weapons i have not seen before.