Fallout about to possibly beat dota for #1 game on steam

290,252 current players and counting come on baby! Surpassed csgo for #2 spot!

I don't think another 100k people are going to hop on



Dota 2



Fallout 4



Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Is this a surprise?

Honestly, It's the most anticipated game of the year.

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That was possibly MGSV, too bad that turned out so disappointing.

For me its the most anticipated game ever. Too bad evga has my rma gpu :(

I can't remember csgo not being 2nd it will flip back tomorrow I bet. Great reviews and no word of game breaking bugs do far :)

Here are the stats

It's highly likely that many CS:GO players are playing Fallout 4.
At least all of my friends who usually play CS:GO are playing Fallout 4 now. :D

I'm more of an fantasy RPG type of guy, still playing & modding Witcher 3 newgame+.