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Fallout 76 Looking pretty bad (as of todays released footage)



There are quests and story based RPG are two completely different things…


k, so why would you buy an MMO and expect it to be Fallout 4?

ESO has been very successful. I’m sure they thought the Fallout base was the open-minded and excited for something different.

“ESO has NPCs” – If that’s the key difference that has completely enraged everyone, then gamers are weirder than I thought.

Fallout Tactics was also very successful, from what I recall, and not story based.


This is not an mmo… This is online survival game ala rust…
Here’s a question:
Why brand a crafting survival game as Fallout?
The crafting survival crowd will stay away from the brand of it doesn’t already like it and the fallout fans will resent it for bit being fallout game…
So it’s a lose lose…
Just name it Afterwar the beginning of something…

PS: Look, I don’t care about the game either way… I didn’t like 4 because of all the crafting shit and F76 is pretty much only the crafting stuff… So I understand why people don’t like it… It’s a crafting survival game so I get why some people do…


When Fallout76 came out, and every youtube review was bad, when I saw Wendell say “nahhh, its not for me”, when I saw AngryJoeShow lose his shit and end with “fuck this place” I had a negative bias for sure.
Got a cheap game key, and hey, didnt mind it.
On the other hand, I cant stand any Assassin’s Creed, and Farcry 4/5 made me sad when I loved 3. But most say they are great.

To each their own.

EDIT: As for the story and RPG. I just read all the notes and terminals. And pretend im insaine with voices in my head. Works out well XD It sure is a turd on the name of Fallout, but I think its a interesting take im willing to experiance good or bad, as with much in life.
But we should be careful, this is a fav game atm thread, not a Fallout 76 thread. Lets not spoil it :peace_symbol:


Personally I hated ESO, and paid a high price for that. But the media attention wasnt as great so the hate and love was kinda silent. Yet it is exactly the same situation. Doesnt even look like an TES game imo.


Its done now, we cant change it. Tis what it is. Just pretend it never happened. Everyones happy!
If this was dialup days, most wouldnt even know about it. But everything is in our face, so many voices to strengthen bias’, mole hills become mountains.

Someone once convinced me to have a burger with banana in it, I thought it would be the worst thing in the world. Why ruin a perfectly good burger, with banana! Why make a savory meal sweet!? Pinched my nose, took a bite, and well I rather enjoyed it.
Some would say “ill give that a go”, some would say “youre disgusting” and never try it. Some will try it and just not like it. Shits and giggles right :grinning:


The gaming industry is getting a little black or white tbh. Maybe too much choice to appreciate? I remember when I only had a handful of games to play and a 486! Im happy to throw some colour into the works, mix it up a little.
Lets face it, you shouldnt get bored of any game with the level of quality, detail and choice we have today. We’re all spoilt!

Me too, and thats the goal at the end of the day. As with much in life.


I think we’re being pedantic. MMO = Massive Multiplayer Online, which defines Fallout76

I don’t know, I don’t work for Bethesda (inb4 shill )

And people wanting something different than Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 4 would like it? :man_shrugging: It’s more than a crafting/survival game. As far as I know those games are make your own story. Fallout76 has an overarching story, side quests, and world quests.

That’s what I do, I try and chronicle the notes and tapes and what not, kind of like Dark Souls (you had to visit an NPC multiple times over the the period of the game to get the “full story”).

Playing with friends, playing with strangers, or playing solo, I had a good time.

Which is your favorite game

I’m having a good time playing it solo so far, and haven’t run into any negative interactions. While it’s true it’s F4 with some tweaks, I enjoy the series and I don’t expect Bsoft to change their ways so much so that I dislocate both my knees when it isn’t an entirely new framework with entirely different stuff in it.

It would be a bit rough if you hadn’t played the other games and didn’t know for example, that in order to craft weapon mods, you need to basically load up with every fallen enemy’s weapon and then scrap them. Or the fact that you will run out of adhesive quickly unless you start making it via the cooking station. Or the fact that you have to loot rather thoroughly in order to keep yourself in ammo.

On the subject of other players, people miss the fact that as of right now, it is not like WoW where you pick a realm and you are plopped in with hundreds of other people. The most players I’ve seen on a map was about 10, and they change every time you log in. I do think about the fact that I may well get ganked and all my work destroyed, but it hasn’t happened yet. I put this down largely to the YT reviewers painting it as a horrible game, which it likely was on release, and so most of the fever has died down, leaving people who are actually bothered about levelling past 5 rather than just to troll others.

I actually get a bit of satisfaction that even though people hated the game so much that they stormed off, every YT reviewer cranking out diss videos, and so much drama surrounded it, I managed my expectations, waited for several patches, and now have a perfectly reasonable experience to enjoy with less chance of it being ruined by those who wanted to trash it.


I don’t play Fallout for the story, I do find some of the story amusing but have only ever seen the story as something to point me to a new area to go explore and loot. That and in earlier Fallout games I could run around in power armor hunting Aliens with a BB gun. Yup, game is still a bug ridden mess just like Fallout 4, but it is playable and never had an issue connecting with friends. Funny thing I get better FPS in FO76 that 4, actually that’s not funny at all fix FO4 GDI!