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Fallout 76 Looking pretty bad (as of todays released footage)





I am not sure about the PC version of Fallout 76 but on the original Xbox One, the graphics are amazing but a little laggy at sometimes. Aside from there being no storyline in Fallout 76, it is a fun game because of the quests are interesting.




I don’t really mind F76… I mean I got massive shadenfreude when every review said it was garbage, but come on, it’s just a basic crafting survival game.
Same mistake as Blizzard, though. Attaching the franchise name to a crafting survival game will drive the fans mad and most people who care about crafting survival games would play it regardless of the name attached. They don’t care what name it is. So it’s basically lose lose. You anger the fans and all you get is a negative press, that puts off the survival fans.

Oh well, guess it will take the “Evolve” route of becoming FreeToPlay soon… May try it then, although I am not really all that big of a Fallout fan.


I’m not taking pleasure in it, but if i can’t play multi-player with my GF and no other players (as was implied/outright stated at the announcement) then i have no interest.

I want to be able to do that. If i can’t (and according to the above posts, it’s a bit uncertain) then there is zero need/want from me for the game. I’ll just play F4 or something else instead.

Graphics bugs: don’t care
Graphics quality: F4 or even F3, if the desire above is fulfilled - fine.
Engine bugs: don’t really care


We found him guys.

I am for sure one of those people that is absolutely ecstatic that this game is a total trainwreck. Bethesda has been pulling shit for way too long, and whoever the hell is making the decisions there needs to have this happen to smack him upside the gob and have the burn the gamebryo boat and get on the life boats to find a new vessel.

And a deep feeling of sorrow for any of the devs that have to deal with this shit. They’d be better off making some kind of framework for UE4 to easily add dialogues and transformations to characters more easily.


Looking forward to this update today and definitely looking forward to the update on the 11th for PC:
Especially this part:

Bulldozer: This is a new C.A.M.P. feature that will allow you to remove small trees, rocks, and other obstructions so it’s easier to create and place your C.A.M.P. when and where you want it. You can also “Bulldoze” to clear these items from the surrounding area to make your C.A.M.P. feel more like home!

Couldn’t place a blueprint half the time because of small rock on the floor.


Yeah, my Base is build off of one foundation and wouldn’t look out of place in minecraft but I can place it damn near anywhere. On the bright side I can plant all the crops I will never harvest since my huge wall of mutations include carnivore and I’m only using power armor on my main so I don’t really need to make adhesive. I’m almost back up to 300 adhesive and I just gave away 400 to a friend I’m playing with, now if I can just break the habit of grabbing all of it. Can’t wait for them to raise the build budget so I can add a platform of death to my C.A.M.P. Just seems like something that they would do later after enough people complain about it.


Would be nice if the containers could be independent storage but probably would lead to issues later on down the line.
I never have enough adhesive tbh.
I have an abundance of steel though, to the point that I throw about 2K of it away when my box gets full. Making steel throwing blades is not worth the xp for the tedious amount of clicking I have to do. lol


Yeah, wish they would implement things like food spoils a lot slower if you put it in a fridge. I tend to swap on The bargain perk card and sell a lot of my surplus crafting materials to the Vendors, can usually make 600-1000 caps doing that when I need more storage, jump into Mining power armor and swap on cards that lower the weight of junk and strong back and I tend to keep my base where I can fast travel for 6-13 caps to all the faction vendors to sell.


Currently grinding for the mining power armor, damn screws and spring lol.
Although leaning towards the X06 power armor, its just so much more expensive.


Power Smith and Power Patcher help a lot.


Shoot, I keep forgetting to invest in power armor perks.


Hi guys,
With a friend we wondered how to get the artillery plan, someone already had it?
If someone has information, we are also interested because the web is empty about it

______________________________________________ iCloud KissAnime


I watched a video for the duplication glitch. Plan is in Watoga, get it at the vendor. If its still for sale.

yikes 1300 caps.


It is said to be in Paladin Taggerdy’s room at the end of the BoS quest line. On her desk, Never saw it though as I was a little to focused on just getting the Ultracite Power Armor chest piece.