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Fallout 76 Looking pretty bad (as of todays released footage)



That’s odd. I always join my friends team easily. Never had a session where we were not all together.


Thing about bugs is that not everybody encounters the same ones.


But to be consistent to those players? Seems odd that it occurs every time. Unless I am misunderstanding the situation.


All I know is if you google the problem it’s pretty prevalent. Not sure the fix, but google has a bunch of different things to try.

I don’t care very much as I didn’t really like the game after seeing him play it,( it’s just not my style), but a bug like this is pretty bad when you’re trying to play on launch with friends.


Bethdeatha spelling I dont care. Is about a story. All there games are interesting.

76 is a dumpster fire of farming quests and pvp in a small world. I watched a few live streams and its a small world and instant respawn or port to your friends.

Dumpster fire game.

The games history will be of patch to nerf, followed by patch to nerf, etc
And no content.


Until that gets sorted, it’s a total deal breaker for me.

I haven’t played through fallout 4 yet, and the whole point of buying this would be to play through with the gf (instead of me just sitting playing video games in the other end of the house like an anti-social nerd :D)



Got over 76 hours now, there is a 76 hour achievement. Yeah it is really buggy, haven’t had a problem playing with friends on it. Feels weird having 2-3 sets of power armor with me at once. “I” need harder difficulty levels added to it. Got to 38 and ended up re-rolling, took awhile to get the perk / S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system down and 18 hours to get back to level 32. Definitely got my build down though.


Wow cant actually believe there is a Pipe weapon I like.
Crafted a level 30 Pipe revolver. Had about 2K .45 to burn so why not.
Pretty Damn good damage.
Running long barrel, hair trigger reciever, some kind of stock that improves damage and accuracy, short scope, and compensater.
Just got rank 1 sniper perk and there is literally not notticble sway in the scope.

With no pistol perks currently does 76 damage.


I think what we can learn from games like this and SC, is that the emotional validation of being proven right holds more enjoyment for people than any game ever could. It honestly doesn’t matter if a game that is panned by game journalists and review sites is actually not all that bad to those that are interested in it, or manages to retain a faithful following of those that correctly maintain their expectations. There is a stark pleasure that is exhibited from those who feel vindicated by popular opinion that this game is “bad”, that outperforms the satisfaction they would feel even if they played the game and enjoyed it. That’s why people wonder how those that don’t play these games can be so emotionally invested in their failure, because it literally feels better to them than playing the games themselves.


That isn’t quite it. If Fallout 5 came out and was straight up terrible, everybody would be devastated. But F76 isn’t Fallout 5, it isn’t the game many fans wanted. That’s why so many gamers are taking pleasure in its abject and very public failure.

I’m not one of them, I wanted F76 to be good. I played Fallout Tactics and Brotherhood of Steel and I rather enjoyed them too. Not as much as a real mainline Fallout game, but they were aight. There’s room in the Fallout IP to experiment in different genres, and that’s fine. Just, like, make them good games.


That’s all reasonable, but surely people were SOMEWHAT aware that this game, whatever it hypotehtically could have been, COULD NOT have been an entirely new game with an entirely new story and an entirely new set of assets in the amount of time since 4 was released until 76 was announced. This is from the same company that has released Skyrim 300 times.


Sure it could. It was created by an entirely separate team.


Well, I guess the silver lining is all those panning the game will be assured of their displeasure being enough of a wrist slap for Bethesda never to try this again. Personally I don’t view that as a good thing, but I intend to at least play around with it.


I hope that isn’t the lesson they take from it. I expect Zenimax to stand behind F76 and update it, and the game will not only still be running in a year, but be dramatically improved by then.


If Final Fantasy XIV can do it…

Seriously, I think people forget what astronomical garbage that game was. Best MMO right now, though


Yes, and No Man’s Sky as well. Turnarounds can happen.


well of course I hope so too, but if you were a company that is likely getting told by the entirety of Twitter, games sites, Youtube pundits, most of Reddit, and probably most tech forums out there that your game is a complete and utter pile of crusty wanksocks, why wouldn’t you just chalk it up as a fail and throw it on the pyre after a year or so?

It’s a double-edged sword. We as consumers and those in the media certainly have the right to trash a product we don’t like, but it’s a bit harder to expect companies who are motivated by sales to push on into a Crane stance and kick the bugs in the chin instead of just marking it as “what not to do”.


I was glad that this was not the game included with any Xbox One S deal I could get. I ended up with BF V Special Edition instead which being a better game should be able to sell easier.

In regards to Fallout 76 though I will just rent it to get an idea of what I think of it. So thankful for Family Video being in my city.


A few screen shots…