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Fallout 76 Looking pretty bad (as of todays released footage)



This exists?

I cant find anything that’s says anyone other than Bethesda game studio austin is working on it.


Bethesda Austin, right.


Got it, just got to wait a few more days. When I think about it all I really did in Fallout 4 was run around blasting things while hoarding junk and turning all the settlements into giant farms to make adhesive. My main save has a wall of maxed out power armor in my main settlement and last I looked I was almost at 13,000 adhesive.

Still wish they would add Co-op for playing through the story instead of taking a follower but I’ll just play this the way I see it. Fallout: Brotherhood of Junk hoarders.


Wonder if Tod or bethesda will ever admit how much they screwed up.

OR will we see the usual shifting of blame


Todd Howard admittedly said he didn’t know if 76 was going to take off at all. He also emphasized that Bethesda would be going out of their comfort zone while not messing with the main franchise so I assume they will take up blame if things flop.

Edit: I mean… Just look at the success of Fallout Shelter for them. It makes sense.


Not much longer until I can start Hoarding all over again, but online.

Now that I think about it I still have the Keyboard that I first played Fallout 1 with and the computer. Might hook the keyboard up just to amuse myself.


is anyone find good suport app for android?


Been playing Fallout 76 for the last few days, maybe got like 18 hours total.
Honestly the game is sucking me in. At first it was pretty much information overload with the introduction of the lore and how to play the game but it settles down a bit once you complete the tutorial and finally heading on missions on your own.

There were a couple of frustrating moments last night, there was a 46 Rad Scorpion guarding this elevator and once a Rad Scorpion agros you, its pretty much going to chase you down until you are dead.

I probably died like 3 or 4 times due to that. Other than that, the game has been pretty smooth. I am liking the perk system, and you can over level the perks too if you wanted to go crazy with the stats. No clue what the level cap is, if any. I hope there isn’t. Luckily I have not encountered any game breaking bugs.
There has been a couple of times when my buddy and I could not load after fast traveling but I think that may be a bug with the party system.

Been a fan of Fallout since I played 3. Played that game to death, at least 6 or 7 playthroughs. Loved New Vegas and was graciously pleased with Fallout 4 and its major overhaul.
I have always wanted a multiplayer Fallout game. Just being able to explore endlessly with a few friends or do random events is exactly what I was looking forward to.


Seriously, this sums it up for me.

If you don’t like Bethesda or Fallout, nor do you even own the game and are just going off Internet bile, likely from people that also don’t own the game, then why are you here?

They’re doing insane levels of maintenance. Servers went down at 12:30 Central Time to implement fixes. While in the short term it is frustrating, this speaks to their commitment to get it running.

If Final Fantasy 14 can recover, so can this game, which imo is off to a much better start.


Chances are low that they can turn it around.

and this is coming from a die hard fallout fan since the 90’s


Lol, maintainence finally over wanted to try it on my laptop.
Not bad, 13 yo me would have been insanely impressed. Also running off battery.

Is it bad that I can’t tell the difference between 720P low on a 15.6" Screen and a 1440P 144Hz 27" screen using a 1080 Ti?
Although I should probably update my gpu drivers

Absolutely amazing. Guess game was capped to 64FPS but with changing the line
iPresentInterval=1 to 0 removes the frame cap. I can’t tell what FPS the game is running at but it looks so freaking smooth on my Dell SG2716DR 1440P 144Hz G-Sync. I also update my nVidia drivers.


So the community is really friendly. Found that out because there is open chat and my mic was plugged in. He said “I can hear you” and I froze, confused as all get out…

It was my keyboard he could hear lmao

Great game so far. It’s Fallout


Down to $35 at GMG with Black Friday voucher. Fastest I can remember a AAA+ game being so heavily discounted so quickly, ever.

I’m still passing. Reviews are savage.


Reading that review leads me to believe that they’ve not played the game. Or if they did, they didn’t leave the starting area.

but apart from a lot of identical-looking robots it means that in story terms you never speak to anyone, just read endless notes and listen to audiologs.


There are a ton of brutal reviews from reputable sources, that one was just the most damning.


My roommate has this game, he can’t play it with his girlfriend or his buddy who all have the game because for some reason Bethesda can’t figure out how to put them on the same server.

Hopefully they patch this issue at some point, but that’s a pretty terrible problem at launch.


That’s almost frustrating enough to return the game. damn!


Yes, people are outraged. Overreactions and hyperbole on all sides.

If you actually play the game and stop pretending it’s something it isn’t (not you), you can have a great time.

They have event quests/raids which are interesting, kind of like Rift, I think? Can’t recall.

Anyway, every MMO not World of Warcraft has gotten bad reviews at launched and then endless praise when it’s fixed. Bethesda said at Quakecon that the game would be riddled with problems.


PCgamer’s review is pretty representative, it’s buggy as hell and severely unfinished but you can find some fun with it, if you look for it.


Lmfao. Same here. Dude heard me clickity clack. Encountered each other a few times. I turned off chat since I feel I would be a bit anoying. I would like it of there was a P2T.