Fallout 76 Looking pretty bad (as of todays released footage)

I was quite skeptical about F76 after 4 was so mediocre in my opinion, was rightfully so. The game looks like they added netcode and 3-4 more guns/outfits to fallout 4 on a much more empty map. Character customization via perks will probably be some form of pay to win based on how you “earn” them currently, I saw no actual npcs on any of the footage released so i assume there is few or none. The majority of quests look like randomly generated encounters like preston garvey’s “go help settlemnt pls.” Admittedly the combat with a party looks pretty solid, with aggro and movement pretty smooth like f4 enemies. On the other hand i saw higher level devs flying around in power armor with a lobby of level 1-6 players and i assume not much will change because they tried to balance damage out of combat somehow?

This is all just my opinion, go look for yourself then discuss or yell at me below.

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Always thought those games were trash from the start. But then again nothing against a computer is fun to me

new or old? including vegas or not?

All. My friends all raves about Vegas and I played it on his PC and I just knew if I bought it I’d play it once and prolly never launch again lol.

But my opinion probably doesn’t matter because the only thing that really engages me in video games is competition against other humans

Does ESO have this?

I think it looks fine graphically. The VATS implementation is garbage.

Main problem with F76 is their messaging, lots of people think it’s a mainline Fallout sequel, like New Vegas. It isn’t. It’s a survival game like Rust.

Survival games are very popular, and if you enjoy them you’ll probably enjoy this. If not, not.

They’re expecting a player economy a la grand exchange in runescape but fail to realize there will be less players than eso.

Here is some perspective from Gopher a modder, and a fan of Fallout, has actual footage of the game, and was at the event:

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~2 hours of Fallout 76 gameplay.

I recommend checking out the rest of the channel if anyone is a fan of Fallout and Fallout lore.

Is someone able to send me a PC beta code to try out? you get 3 free to invite friends btw.

PM if possible because otherwise I won’t get it :slight_smile:

No. Seemingly not at all. You pay for quest lines and some regions. That’s about it. Balancing is pretty great. Being a sub has it’s benefits though

Looks a lot better than when they first revealed it, and since a good amount of the people I know have offered to buy it for me if I play it with them I will definitely end up playing it anyways. Just wish more developers would make more multiplayer PVE survival games.

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I see lots of reviews trashing it, but I’m going to be playing it anyway so I can form my own opinion.

Biggest problem is the physics is still tied to the framerate. On PC, you can uncap it and basically “Speedhack” on this multiplayer only game.

They will never optimize it in time to untie physics to framerate. It’s Bethesda.

yeah, that’s been an issue since Oblivion. I had no idea why the water was flickering in Skyrim until I read about the frame rate. f4 has to be capped at 59 to work properly.

The fact that speedhacking is even possible, that users don’t rubberband and get disconnected, denotes a legendary level of incompetence on the behalf of the dev team. Raph Koster, the original designer of Ultima Online, put it best in his first commandment: THOU SHALT NEVER TRUST THE CLIENT.

Bethesda Austin is composed of MMO dev vets; the studio lead is Rich Vogel, who worked with Raph Koster on UO and led SWTOR after that. So it’s really unforgivable that they messed up so badly.

Since they trust the client, I expect to see a LOT of cheating in F:76. I mean, I won’t, because I didn’t buy it. But you will, if you did.


eh. A lot like Quake Champions, Destiny 2, Diablo 3, etc etc most of the people saying how bad it is/looks probably aren’t even interested in playing it, so I am okay with getting whatever I can out of it. It probably will not be as bad as everyone is saying once it settles because remember, by having it online only, they cannot just dump modding tools into people’s laps and expect them to fix the rough edges. THEY have to. And while yes I don’t expect a legendarily buggy developer to suddenly pull their heads out just because people are watching, I do expect some rough edges to be at least sanded down.

They, during E3 i think, reiterated “of course you can play the game solo”.
It sounds like that would mean walking around in a big sandbox killing monsters, building bases, and reading notes. No NPCS, no overarching story? No thanks. I am sure they had the best intentions, but all they could achieve was Fallout Royale it seems.

I’ll watch TeamPGP play it, but that’s as far as I’ll go.

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To be fair there are no friendly NPCs, but there is a story and quests. You get quests from terminals, audio tapes, and wandering into an area.

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I suppose some people are more interested in gameplay and don’t want the interference of story. Maybe that fits the co-op game style. Just not for me.
I know you can’t top Liam Neeson being your dad, but no reason to regress so far.