Fallout 4 won’t be coming to Xbox 360 or PS3

So glad I have a PC to run it on.....anyone want to buy a PS3?...just kidding.

And so it starts... Guessing support for the two consoles will be dropped by most developers/publishers soon. First CDPR, now Bethesda.

At least they won't have to waste time optimising it for the older platforms. More time to optimise for PC, he says optimistically.

yep , bethesda is supporting pc at last :D no more console ports like "evil within" running at 30 fps

Yeah no we will still have 30 FPS console ports. The Xbone and the PS4 are better than the last gen systems but still weak compared to a PC. The Xbone in particular is a 720p-900p machine. Almost no games run at 1080p on it. The PS4 does slightly better.

So long as there are consoles PCs will be getting shitty ports.

I wouldn't throw that out there just yet, all this is signifying now is the death throse of last gen consoles that's about it. CDProjektRed who is primarily known as a PC gaming developer just made the Witcher 3 game for console and ported it to PC. and Skyrim and Fallout 3/New Vegas had the biggest case of "Consoleitits" ever.

Hopefully the consoleitis will be gone with Fallout 4 but only time will tell.

PCMASTERRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (jk)

I think this will push the industry forward if more companies follow suit. We can't keep optimising games for last gen. It's bad enough as it is to be optimising the consoles and placing PC second.

By that logic, the PS4 and Xbone wouldn't get them either. Their performance levels are 5 years behind. 6 now depending on how old the LTT video is.

Yes, I agree that it would be time and resources better spent to just concentrate on current gen systems. I have always been a PC gamer anyways, so this doesn't affect me directly, but looking at the bigger picture, they can use that time and resource to better the game as soon as it releases. No need to always rely on patches.

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This is really good news for fallout fans, it means the games wont be built to conform to such a shitty spec.

Looking forward to seeing what Bethesda can do with 4 to 5 gigs of ram (rest being os isnt it?) as opposed to 256mb/512mb :P

This and xcom 2 are games I am counting down the days to.

i duno, that demo didnt look "next gen"

Yea graphicwise the trailer looked about like NV, but we don't know the source the trailer was made on or when it was made, but in reality there's only so much you can do with a wasteland and maintain that look and feel of the franchise.

I have never bought a fallout game for the graphics, don't care if it looks 'next gen' or not.

I want as much of their memory budget spent on a massive playarea with lots of interactivity


well they just dont want to develop for the last gen. but make excuses like the game will be too advance or something, we all know the next gen consoles are 400 dollar computers.


Actually $200 computers sold for $400 with a locked down OS and membership requirements to get 90% functionality.

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My niece was playing GTAV the other day (just desert driving (into rocks) no killing or other stuff) and she complained that you couldn't go into any of the houses except that run down motel with the busted roof. It seems a 7 yo girl knows what makes a good game environment better than Rockstar do.

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there's a mod that opens up alot of the indoor spaces. tho alot of them were uncompleted.

Guys this is outrageous, the PS4 and Xbone are a big scam! Everyone knows it is all about the gameplay! Graphics, frame rates, resoloution it doesn't matter! What sell outs. Lol... :) I mean of course it matters, but why the hell aren't they making this for everything..

The trailer didn't look impressive at all, I am sure they could run this on Ps3 and xbox360, who cares if it runs badly either. They don't care about these things when they release pc games, seriously its not about that. I am sure they could make it and no matter how poorly it ran, heaps of people would buy it!

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