Fallout 4 Screenshots: Welcome to the Future

Skyrim has a thread. I figured why shouldn't Fallout.

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Apparently they grow on trees ( or on trains & in lakes hint hint! )

Just a few glitches.


Some people likes to fly...

Radioactive Sweg

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Found some doggie armour + collar

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Those are epic. What's with everyone hitting on the graphics?

meh textures...
I mean they look a bit sharpy no smooth as the witcher 3 or other AAA games..
For me are ok.. I am not a graphics whore... unless... IS A FUCKING SPACE SIM :D
I am running this game in a 7950 boost from Sapphire.. between 44 - 60 FPS some custom presets like godrays at medium and shadows at high...
Th rest is in ultra..

even my cousin is running this in a potato. (in a nvidia 460 from MSI.. yeah that with 768mb of vram) and everything in low looks ok... Like a fucking console.. but runs smooth at 30fps..
A couple of months and we are going to have better textures from mods

^^ At least add some screenshots showing this to keep to the thread theme.

Doesn't help I compressed mine down for ease of posting. To me it's a good ENB upgrade to the previous games, just an official one!



Is there a way to remove the ui for better wallpapers so they don't have the nav bar and crap? I was going to take a screenshot the other day but it i thought it was ruined by the hud

I have an epic screencap of that blimp, the name escapes me. Will post it later.

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To everyone posting here, I have a small, simple "for friends" website that i am using as wallpaper hosting, Would you guys mind if i took the screenshots here and put them on my site? Or if you want I can post the website and everyone can view/upload their images to it. I currently just have a games category but i could add one specifically for fallout 4.

You're welcome to use any of my images as I've posted them on a public forum but I always reduce the size to save space on Photobucket (horrible site really) as I have many pics from other projects.

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Thanks, if you want you can upload the higher quality ones to here, My wallpaper website

i like how the heaviest armor pieces ive found are for the left side which faces forward when shooting.

So here we go :

A shrine to a lost pal

And finally my current garage:

Gopher is working on it

Who is Gopher? a moder?

Yeah. He's contributed a crap ton to the community:


Don't expect anything until 2016 according to him though.

From the top of the Corvega building


dis me

not a screenshot but I got surround working