Fallout 4 lag with new monitor

So I recently upgraded to a 2560x1080(2k) monitor and I love it. Only now when playing fallout I am getting sup 20fps lag in the downtown areas. I know that this was an issue already with the shadows, but before I upgraded it was nowhere near this bad. Now I did increase my fov to 130 to fit the widescreen aspect ratio better, and I understand that that will cause more lag. However I monitored the stress level on my gpu and my gpu usage in the lag situations is only around 50-60%. So that would lead me to there being a cpu bottleneck, but would increasing resolution and fov be that much more stressful on a cpu? I am using an fx-6300 running at stock speed(getting ready to oc it) and my gpu is a 7970. @ 1080p I used ultra settings to get around 50fps and with this lag I tried to lower the settings down to just high but the lag was almost exactly the same even with the settings turned down. Anyone have any idea on how to fix this?

when you enter the city monitor what the cpu usages goes to. if the gpu usage is normally 90%+ then drops in the city you probably have a cpu bottle neck

The resolution increase is the main thing that is reducing performance maybe fov as-well. I have not played fallout 4 for a while but i remember when i was playing it there were many areas in the city where if you looked one way you would get 5 fps. Then if you looked slightly the the other way, so that area was not on your screen, you would jump back up to 60. So maybe the fov increase is accentuating that problem.

Now as for how to fix it i also remember that turning the shadow draw distance all the way down was the only thing that affected fps in those areas. you could also try limiting the tessellation to 8x in ccc/ Radeon settings.

I also just remembered another problem is your new monitor a higher refresh rate than 60hz? if it is try this: