Fallout 4 is accidentally 50% off at GMG. YMMV [Update: EXPIRED]

Update: 50% off coupon is dead. If you're still interested, here's an intended 25% off code: DEALZO-N25OFF-STAGMG

For those aware we usually post game/hardware deals on main front page feed but since this is probably a price mistake, we'll keep it in the forums (and on the down low) for now.


Fallout 4 (Steam Key) — $30 (list $60)
Star Wars: Battlefront (Origin Key) — $30 (list $60)
NBA 2K16 (Steam Key) — $30 (list $60)
FIFA 16 (Origin Key) — $30 (list $60)
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (Steam Key) — $30 (list $60)

GMG rarely makes price mistake (they do honor them) but not to this magnitude.. so we're not sure if they'll cancel these orders or not. Mad Max orders should be safe as this code was INTENDED for Mad Max only, but not the other deals.

These are of course pre-orders and keys will be delivered near or on release date (usually if there's pre-load, GMG will send out keys early depending on publishers).


The steam keys will allow play on any of the available OS?

Only if they developed a version for other OS' and steam has it as a steamplay title (buy once play on all platforms) But this wont happen for Fallout 4 as its windows only.

I managed to pick up Fallout 4 for £20, thanks. It's a shame that you don't get the Steam key until it's released. Hopefully my order isn't refunded.

They have replaced the penguin logo with their steam logo. So if the steam logo shows on a game in should run natively in Linux correct?

Yes the steam logo (below) signifies that it has support for Steam OS and GNU+Linux

The gear icon (below) just signifies that it uses the steam client. and the 'steamplay' icon signifies that you can play it on multiple platforms, but not necessarily all platforms, it will have a logo for each one it supports.

The lower of the two logos you listed means? Sorry want to be clear before I plop down cash and then can't play later......

uh dont plop down cash.

i'm pretty sure fallout 4 is windows only for now.

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Doesn't matter... the Fallout 4 deal is dead.

Nothing to see here folks...move along now.

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I'll update the thread so ppl don't bother.

The first image is Steam OS/Linux support, round with a little gear inside. Fyi, Fallout 4 wont have support for Linux, windows only.

The other gear icon, on its own, not in a little circle on websites, signifies that it uses the steam client (regardless of OS support).

On steam itsself its more clear because the gear icon on its own isnt used.

Just to clarify.

@Eden was correctly referring to this.

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