Fallout 3 - Mothership Zeta

Ok, coming August 3rd, the greatest piece of DLC ever will be released by Bethesda.

Remember the Alien Space Craft in Fallout 3?, well that was spitting out a signal, and his people have come back, and they're not happy, you get beamed aboard this massive Mothership. New Weapons, story and choices, the biggest one at the end of the Debut Trailer.


Looks awesome.

this looks so sick. i really wish they would package up all the dlc for a decent price instead of charging for each little piece.

I hear that.

They're bringing out a Game of the Year pack, sometime within the next month or two, not sure, but it will have the DLC on the disk.

cant wait to play it! ive done practically everything fo3 and the current DLCs have to offer.....

i think there should be some sort of level restriction on some of the DLC. doing anchorage early on makes everything too easy.

is that going to be a game of the year pack or a game of the year edition. i know they are making a game of the year edition that comes with the dlc but thats going to be like 50 dollars because its the full game and the DLC, pretty much like the oblivion game of the year edition.

double post... :/

Can't wait, ha my account kills in fo3

got my copy. download was fast, only 10 mins @ 700kbps

Just finished playing it, was pretty fun, probably one of the better official DLCs, took around 3 hours or so to complete. So all in all it's pretty fun.

that's it? 3 hours? anchorage lasted longer than that! this is why i dont pay for DLC.

It took you longer than 3hours to complete Operation Anchorage? Wow...you're slow.

And who said i paid for it? :3

well i had to restart it half way through cause i missed some of the intel reports or whatever it was you were supposed to collect.

playing it rite now, pretty good. probably finished it trmw tho.

im playing it now. dont really know how far im in but i would probably say i am close to the end.

hmm, what is this new games for windows bullshit? now i have to "sign out" of this crap just to load my game. tells me autosaves are disabled but they really arent.

anyway, got to the room witht he frozen ppl in it, blew up the first generator. will continue the rest tomorrow night. (hope theres a way to get those dudes items without killing them all... but thats getting ahead of things, well see how this plays out)

Yeah, I'd like to get the Japanese guys items, maybe kill him, steal his clothes, and then resurrect him in console. :P

And yeah, that games for windows is annoying, it kept disconnecting my internet :s

Also! I won't ruin it for you, but you can go back through the whole mother ship (I believe) after you complete the quests, so you didn't have to start all over :P