Fallout 3 Crashes

I got fallout 3 game of the year edition on the steam summer sale. It started crashing every 5 minutes after I got out of vault 101, I messed with the settings but nothing seemed to work.  Anyone own fallout 3 and know how to fix this?

C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Fallout3 for Vista/Win 7

Open the fallout.ini and scroll down a little, look for the following line:


It is in the [General] section of the file, if you pass [Display] you've gone slightly too far down. Change it to:


Hit enter (so it adds a new line) and add the following line:


So the two lines should look like this:



Save the file and close and you're done.

Taken from steam forums, could be this but then again might not be, if you google your issue there are plenty of other folks having similar issues.

I havent had a problem running it on a FX6100 and a FX8320 but there have been some geting problems and thay fixed it by disableing there cores in the bios so that  thay are left with a (effectively) dual core when thay play.

It dosent run very well on windows 7 regardless i dont even know if it runns on windows 8.

For a old xp game it shure likes you use up my video cards vram (over a 1gb at times)

Are you useing a nvidia video card? as there are problems with some of there drivers on w7 with fallout 3 as well



I wish I could give you some forum rep or something for this fix. The only reason I never flipped out was that I have 2 hard drives with one I keep XP partitioned for older games. I can't test this atm but I'll definitely keep this note. 


Thanks, this seemed to work

I got Fallout 3: GOTY on the summer sale, just like you. I have Windows 8 and Fallout 3 has issues with anything above Windows 7 so I consulted Google with my problem, and this helpful article popped up giving me all the info on how to disable the horrible Games for Windows Live... Here you go http://steamcommunity.com/app/22370/discussions/0/828937546147175081/