Fall So Hard and Writer's Block

Over the past few days I've been hit by this inner dialogue: “I don't know what to write... crap... what should I write?.. crap.. I'll just drink another Coke Zero.. *1 hour later*.. I don't know what to write.. crap.. I'll just make some tea..”. Thus I have decided to write about not knowing what to write! Take that brain!

(Meme logic > brain noise)

I'm a firm believer in that whatever you strive to do, should you practice enough, in all eventuality you will get better. So what the hell do we do when confronted with obstacles like insecurity or just a plain writers block? Simple, we do it anyways – we crank out as much bad crap as possible with an earnest effort, and soon only the good possible combinations will remain. This applies as much to life as it does scoring kill streaks in shooters.


(I went there)

You cannot reach good until you accept bad, even natural talents need to come to terms with this idea. If you decide to stop practicing because of poor performance you will be stuck inside a continuous rut of minimal gains and extreme frustration. I speak from personal experience after composing music over the last 7 years continually caught in that vicious cycle.

Whether you're a pro gamer, budding journalist, or a public speaker / caster like Husky or theRadBrad, you need to smash all preconceived notions and ideas on how things “should work” and start working on how they “actually work”. You'll find that you will be a lot less stressed out, and you might have an article for a blog at the end of it! ^_^ Whatever you seek to do, do it badly so that you may one day do it greatly, and don't look back!.. creeping dread is synonymous with a bath salt Rancor!

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