Fall of Systemd in Ubuntu?

EDIT: I just noticed this thread is pretty old. Sorry for digging it up.

I need to say that I don't know exactly what systemd is doing as I am just getting into Linux and frankly don't know the alternatives, but systemd is doing really good where ever it's mentioned in documentary.

I am also a fan of systemd-boot which is straight forward and easy to maintain my entries unlike GRUB2 where I messed up greatly and it refused to boot my x64 OS in UEFI. Not as beginner friendly as systemd in my opinion.

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Someone else might care. But I don't. I always wanted one of my threads necro'd.


Do me a favor then and necro one of my famous old threads thx

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Necro old SysInit threads as much as you want, just don't necro SysInitV, I'm completely tuned into using systemd now, and I don't want to have to change again lol.

Anyway, I'll just close this thread, UbuntuBSD didn't work out to begin with.