Fake iphone 5 os

my sister recently bought a iphone 5 and when she got it the phone is leget but the os is a vox digital living so i was wonder if you can install a real iphone 5 os onto it.

it dosent syn to itunes so i can't factor reset it there

Are you shure its not a Goophone i5? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLoMPW4Vdgg

no when u start it up it say vox digital living the interface is slow and sluggish and the icons are fake and hardly look like a i phone i would show a pic but i dont know how to upload them :P lol

[ i m g] pic url here   [/ i m g]    (no spaces) 

its no online i got it from my phone its on desktop

Upload the pictures to something and post the links that way. Where did she get the phone? If it's one of those second hand shops, then I'd see about taking it back because it's not legal apple (because it's not running real apple). I'm not sure how to properly wipe an iphone 100%, but it also sounds like (if the hardware is legit) it's jailbroken.