Fairly new to Metal, tips on who to listen to?

Hey guys, I've been a musician for quite a while now but never truly delved into metal past the mainstream stuff.

I've been listening to it more and more recently and want to get into expanding my collection, so any good bands you guys can reccomend? 

It might not be what you're looking for, but listening can't harm anyone :)

Try out Machinae Supremacy, Usually into their SiG/Metal.  

I think we need a little more information on your taste. Since metal isn't just... metal.

I tried to help out another guy the other week, almost turned into an argument, I didn't understand the kind of metal he wanted to listen to. He just described it as "fast", it had to be fast. It worked out in the end, but I went through a lot of genres to pin-point what he actually wanted.

"Photosphere", by Crossfaith - Japanese electronicore.

"Tornado of Souls", by Megadeth - Thrash.

"Stone the Crow", by Down - Sludge/southern.

"Cemetery Gates", by Pantera - Power groove.

"Youth Gone Wild", by Skid Row - Hair metal.

"Prometheus", by Symphony X - Progessive.

Honestly, I can't promise you will like any of them.

Don't miss out on Tool and Dir En Grey.

There are many genres of metal post a link of what you like. Then from that we can recommend some bands.

Something on the lines of Amon Amarth, ghOst, Kalmah?

I like melodic death metal, if that helps... 

I had a funny feeling you would say that, but I didn't include any melodic death metal.


Arch Enemy

Scar Symmetry ("Holographic Universe" album is the best one to try)

The Agonist

Children of Bodom


In Flames

Let me know what you think. Obviously, there may be songs or albums you dislike. Normally, these bands capture the interest of people. If you want specific songs, I will recommend some. However, the list can just stretch across the entire discography. That's not to say I like every song by each of these bands.

If you want your mind blown listen to this :P http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1-7wBP70MQ

Brilliant music!

Liked everything you suggested, especially Arch Enemy, Swedes know their stuff eh?


That they do! There's also Canadian in there. Just a nice mix, I guess.

Edit: I take that back. It's practically all Swede or Finnish haha.


Amon Amarth have emerged with new material.

Periphery is good stuff, by metal standards its what i would call quite 'easy listening'
the bands that got me into metal/heavy music were metallica, bullet for my valentine and slipknot, so might wanna check those out 

I'd say try out different styles of Metal, you never know what you might end up liking.


Death Metal (band - album):

Vomitory - Blood Rapture

Deeds of Flesh - Mark of The Legion

Cannibal Corpse - Tomb of The Mutilated

Dying Fetus - Stop At Nothing; Reign Supreme

Necrophagist - Epitaph (if you like technical guitars, this one's a must listen!)


Black Metal:

Endstille - Endstilles Reich; Navigator

Watain - Casus Luciferi

Immortal - At The Heart Of Winter

Marduk - Panzer Division Marduk; Serpent Sermon

Blut Aus Nord (even though they're classified as Black Metal, they have a very unique sound) - The Work Which Transformes God; The Mystical Beast of Rebellion

Ov Hollowness - Drawn to Descend

Infernal War - Transfigurations; Terrorfront; Conflagrator


Doom Metal:

Ophis - Withered Shades

Swallow The Sun - The Morning Never Came; New Moon

Black Sun Aeon - Routa

Isole - Bliss of Solitude; Born From Shadows

Comatose Vigil - Not A Gleam of Hope

Monolithe - I; II; III (yep, just Roman numerals for 1, 2, 3. Each album has one 50+ minute track)

Mournful Congregation - Tears From A Grieving Heart


Thrash & some other stuff:

Sodom (Thrash Metal) - Agent Orange

Nuclear Assault (Thrash Metal) - Game Over

Neurosis (Progressive? Metal) - A Sun That Never Sets

Amesoeurs (Post Black Metal) - Amesoeurs (self-titled)

Fuck everyones answer listen to the heavy shit such as Amon Amarth or Dimmu Borgir or some really nice instrumental shit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nY-XDF_Ask


Give gorgoroth a listen. Incipit satan is a pretty common song of theirs. (Black metal)

Remember, metal exists in many different sub-genres. My personal favorite is Symphonic metal.

For example: Nightwish, Epica, Symphony X, Sirenia, Xandria, the list goes on...

Give "Dark Chest Of Wonders" by Nightwish a listen.

Happy hunting :)

Nothing from the USA! you';ll thank me for that if you lisen to some of it :P


I prefer Folk/Medolic metal so here's just a fe bands i like :)

Folk Metal




Medolic Metal

Children of Bodom


Arch Enemy

Or clean Vocals if you prefer that




Emerald Sword* not Rhapsody :P buggered that up a bit

There are some US bands worth listening to. Give Skeletonwitch a try. Good ol' blackened thrash.