Fair price for an old board?

What do you think would be a fair price to list this for ? I've checked ebay but not my to go by any ideas friends ?

Can't see any price?

Don't forget, you can use any Sandy Bridge processor in an Ivy Bridge motherboard, so you can use a Z77, H77 board instead.

This is a good deal, although it doesn't come with a I/O plate.


He's trying to sell, hence his request to suggest him at what price he could sell the board.

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I'm an idiot hahaha


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Cheers mate :)

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Considering the z77 is 40.00 to 75.00 I'd say $50 bucks USD. You can probably sell it for more if you had 16GB of ram with it.

Pro tip, search any item in question on ebay and click "sold items" in the search refinements, always a great way to gauge pricing.