Failing Graphics card?

I'm trying to figure out what would be causing this issue. I've got a HD 5750 1gb card that seems to be having some issues. It has the newest version of the Catalyst installed and isn't overclocked but the computer is suffering from graphical glitches. When playing LoL the monitors will sometimes go black and then recover or the computer will seem to lock up. It also is doing this on youtube videos:

If you notice on the bottom of the video its glitching out a bit. Do you think overvolting it slightly with something like MSI afterburner would help? or is it just a bad card?

Any ideas?

Could be several issues with that.

  • Overheat
  • Bios (of the card)
  • Drivers - such as DirectX, etc. (not catalyst)
  • Insufficient RAM (or even maybe VRAM) - or bad distribution of those
  • Chip problem (in other words hardware issues)

Shouldn't be overheating, I pulled the Heatsink and changed the old original thermal paste with Artic Silver.

the computer has 8gb of ram so I dont think its that.

Ill have to check the bios/directx driver.

Card was pulled from a old computer that had NO dust in it what so ever and the card was barely even dirty itself and still had the plastic protector film on the face of it. If the card has a hardware problem I'm extremely surprised. but its always possible..