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Failed to create EGL surface

Hi there,

I am trying to get started with Looking glass. I followed the guide but when I try to run the client.

It crashes with a “Failed to create EGL surface (eglError: 0x3005)”

Any ideas what is happening and where I should look next? I am running the host on debian 9.4


Sure - Can you please list your hardware?

Assuming you’re using AMD gpu?

Have a look at this

I am using an integrated graphics chip on the i7-8700K,

Intel® UHD Graphics 630

i am passing through a nvidia 2070

I already tried the suggestion of geoff in this post but I dont have a stack trace.

No stack.


Please try bleedinge edge, I beileve this issue has been resolved.

I tried bleeding edge but now I am getting different errors.

Thanks fgor taking a look!

The archive download doesn’t include the submodules and you need to use git. This will be fixed at a later date.

See the note.

Great I will clone the repo. Thanks!

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I tried to follow the instructions in creating the bleeding edge version that I checked out from GIT. I was able to get a client that would open although it then crashed.

I then realized that I needed to make the vm host executable also. This however is not working although I followed the instructions

Thanks again for taking a look.

Again you did not clone the submodules.

However, you don’t need to build the c-host, just grab it from the website. Scroll down for bleeding edge builds.

That still did not work. I am currently fighting with debian buster to try and see if that will work better. I’ll report back with success soon…

So finally got it running after setting up debian 10! Thanks for all your help!

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Do you know of any work-arounds for AMD pro driver users?

I need the PRO driver for Davinci Resolve and my endless hours of gameplay on Overwatch on Arch Linux. But I want to be able to access my Windows VM without having to switch drivers all the time

Don’t use them, they are not needed. OpenCL can be made to work without the entire AMD pro driver suite.

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Ahh I see.

Is the any OpenCL package in particular I should use?