Failed to boot after bios update

Hay, yesterday my wifi stopped working on my laptop and after some research it seemed that that best thing to do was to update the drivers. I looked on the house website and found that almost all of my drivers were outdated. I downloaded all of them and started with the one at the bottom the list which happens to be the bios. After it installed the bios, window would not boot (I'm using windows 8 btw). I can access the bios and it says it's at the correct version, but when I get to windows booting, it tries, then shows the repair screen.

I have tried with two drives, and it does the same thing. But when I try to boot off the second drive when it is in an external case, it works. If you guys have any answer, that would be great!

did you try selectting the boot drive and the sata mode to ahci or ide?

Not an option in my bios, also posted on tom's (and got some responces).

windows 8 also uses motherboard bios certificates I believe, a bios update might have screwed with that, basically, you'll have to reinstall your OS

God dammit.... And theres no way around it?

Remember that M$ had tightened the booting procedures in Windows 8 with Secure Boot.

Sooooo..... I might be screwed....