Failed movements. proactive solution (rant)

in the past few years we have had many many movements to try and change the way government is. in all of these movements we have had hundreds of thousands of participants,and nothing changed. i think there is a reason for that. i believe that nothing changed because we were not proactive enough. if we want true change then we have to make the commitment to make that change a reality by any means necessary.  with our civil liberty's now a thing of the past. i believe it is time to remind the government who gives them the power and who they need to fear. its not corporations it is us the people that they need to fear.

with recent attempts at gun control i believe that the government knows that there people are starting to get tried of being dominated. i will be very blunt i think it is time to remove 99% of the people in the federal government from office for good. recall elections would never work, due to the fact that voting is rigged by corporations. impeachment would not work due to the fact that 99% of the officials  would not impeach someone for doing what they are doing them self's. i think the only viable solution is imprisonment  not by the private sector prison's but by military prison's. i would call for there deaths but i believe that living the rest of there life in prison is a much worse punishment.

life in solitary confinement with no interaction with another living soul would be much worse fate than just losing there life to execution. i for one would love to sound the call for a civil revolt and remove the cancer from our country. but that call has already been sounded by many whistle blowers that have been silenced, discredited, or simply vanished.

thoughts, opinions, counter arguments welcome.

recall elections would never work, due to the fact that voting is rigged by corporations

Just throwing in my 2 cents on this. Here in WA we successfully removed the Port of Seattle chief, but this was because somebody was willing to put in the time and money to take care of this.

A couple of lawyers did some pro bono work, and they realized no average citizen would be able to muddle through all the necessary hoops to recall officials. Legislators are thankfully dealing with the issue right now, but we will see how they re write the law...

We generally ignore the government on the federal level anyways, we need to focus on state governments. State governments are generally more efficient, especially since they are surrounded by their constituents.

i must say that is the first successful recall i have seen in a long time kudos to your state.  and it does give me some hope that a true recall election could be done.

for state laws before federal law.  the way it is right now any sate that takes any federal money "has to follow the federal laws before state laws"  luckily we have some states that decide to decline federal money and are able to follow there own state laws on some issues that the federal government cant/ will not change the laws on.

i will not deny that some state governments need a  good rearrangement. and that they are able to make changes faster than the federal government. and i will also note that a few states are doing great in keeping there people semi protected.

I just have to advocate that we need to really focus on the state level of government, because I believe we will have the best results from this. The federal government has gone down the crapper since the fifties. The federal government should only focus on protection from foriegn invasion, keeping trade clean and clear, and protecting our rights. Unfortunately we are stuck with social security, and other big programs, but I am hoping somebody will come up with a better solution, because those should not be money pits. Especially since every citizen pays into it. State governments need to reorganize, which like you stated, has to be initiated by the people. Once they do that, figure out their budgets, etc. they can then tell the federal government to take a hike when a federal law passes that is unreasonable.