Factorio - There is no spoon! [COMPLETED]

Any experienced factorio players want to join me in getting this achievement?
I am pretty factorio experienced but not really a speed runner so it'd be easier (and much more fun) to have a team go for it.

Finish the game in less than 8hrs.


Sunday 13th - (6pm EST = 3pm PST)

PM me or reply to topic to get your name on roster. If your name is on roster, I'll pm you the game password when we start.



Wonder if it might be possible to do this in ~3 hours or less. With the game stream folks.


I've seen speed runners do it in aprox 2:30 single handedly. So I have no doubt if we have 4-8 peeps all on the same page we can knock it out.

I'm west-coast time zone and weekends work best for me. Planning it a week in advance would be best imho. We just need a tentative roster.

Also, I have no objection if anyone wants to stream it.


I might be up for this, a good time would be key, but im also not great with my factory building XD

well, if you enjoy the game and want to give it a shot, you're very welcome to join in. It should be good fun.

What time-zone and day-of-the-week you open? (given a weeks notice)


Yall want me to put you on the tentative roster?

Anyone else interested?

I would love to if I owned it. I've watched PGP when they do Factorio now some of my friends are into it. I just wish I had cash for it.

afaik it rarely (if ever?) goes on sale.... :(

Of course not why would it? :P they never have a drop in playerbase.

Just got the "lazy bastard" achievement last night. Took 11hr 34m.

Now I'm going to shoot for the achievement in the title.

I'm surprised so few people are interested in getting this... I thought we had more factorio players here.

No internet at home.
Or I would be up for it

Time has been posted! (see top of topic)


what version are we going to run? might be up for it.

more than possible if we scale up REALLY HARD. might readup on the speedrun things to fiqure out why tech tree path we have to take. need a whole lot of oil for one

I'm planning on 0.14.19

( 0.14.18 is now the "stable release" and .19 just fixes a few minor bugs)

ok. yeah will have to download a more upto date version. have 12.something.

holy crap man.... you're waaaay behind! lol.

So many new features since then.

didnt have internet to update it.

oh, that's sucky....

Will you have internet this sunday? You want on the roster?

i might. go ahead and put me on.

got internet but stayed away from factorio since i have school and stuff.

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