Facebook is skynet

Misrepresenting their intentions and renaming the horrendous a d devilish internet.org to free basics is what Facebook is trying to do to get Indian people to sign up for it.
They are clearly in bed with the telcos and the people are falling for it,majority of them. A YouTube channel AIB who are comics have been trying to thwart this since internet.org but now Facebook is forcing it on people from other countries.
People of India are just now coming online and in that infancy of digital age its trying to fool them into believing its for the best by naming it FREE BASICS.if this version of net neutrality passes it will kill all that internet stands for and will give governments around the world impetus to adopt this distorted utopia that it portrays.
Please spread the word to people who do not realize what this really is, coz if it passes in India it'll be the epicenter of the destruction of internet as we know it.

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Someone should hack into Facebook servers and destroy it from within! (I never said that, okay?)


We should get Mr. Robot to do that.

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Look who Zuckerberg hangs out with..............it ain't people with an R next to their names...just sayin:)