Facebook admits "Big Brother Is Watching" - in Oculus controllers

You’d think Rule #1 at Facebook companies would be “Don’t mention ‘Big Brother’”, but apparently not.


It’s so they can say its just a troll when people bring it up later, they have learned from the past

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Or, it’s an engineer’s troll and Facebook didn’t know about it.

Maybe his way of getting back at FB for something? Or a small way to be a whistle blower?

Or, someone was just having fun and thought it would be funny.

Highly unlikely, PCBs go through so many iterations these days, this is deliberate.
Probably their attempt at including something on the PCB to be discovered like Microsoft does with the Xbox’s


On the real they do collect a lot of data with vr headsets. However yes my comment was a topical joke

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I’m also inclined to believe that companies are playing us for fools. It’s the in your face style of rhetoric that DJT uses to get away with everything.