Facebook account hacked

My facebook account was previously hacked and was posting random adverts on it, I have as such temperarily stopped this by changing my password, what I want to know is how i can prevent my account being hacked again. 

Get a more effective, less predictable password.

For instance;

instead of using "word12333"

use [email protected]


What i do is have a word for each website

for instance facebook is "Social"

Then 2 Capital letters (your initials maybe?)

and then a set of numbers.

For example

My password for facebook is similar to " SocialJH1029"

That is not an easy password to crack because of lack of repetition and the fact that there is a word, capital letters, and numbers.

What I do for important passwords is go to something like notepad. Then I just move my hands over the keyboard for a while. Then I select something like 20 or so characters from the string I just randomly typed, write them down on a piece of paper and memorize them.

choose a password that is easy to remember but not easy to Brute force. PutBackTheStars' suggestion is good. you can also write it down on a pice of paper, hackers aren't going to break into your house and look at it.

an alternative would also be to just get rid of that damn facebook account. just sayin

I would recommend using four un-related words, as shown in this link.


Just don't use the example one. I hope this helps. :)

You can also enable login notifications so that each time your account is logged in you get a SMS or email notification.

So from what i have heaard the best and most effective against infiltration and ease to remember.

Think of a sentence:

I live @ 5000 no hackers allowed here crescent 


Then use the letter from the start of every word and the numbers and punctuation as is. 

So it looks something like this


[email protected]


So this is completely random to anyone who does not know your phrase

As RH00D mentioned, 2 step authentication with email or your phone. That will help out a ton. 

For passwords I usually mash my keyboard in word and whatever comes up is my password than I'll just save the doc on a flashdrive.

Passwords strength is not that important. The chance of someone guessing that your password is "teabag" is quite slim. Especiallt since there is a limit to how many times you are allowed to enter the wrong password.(unless facebook it self gets hacked like PSN got a while ago, then it is important)

The more likely senario as to why you got hacked is because you used a non secure connection to facebook. Or there is malware on your computer. Then you can have "hsu8jas¤787#%AS21S:.Ea,E" as your passwort and still get hacked. Make sure to use an updated antivirus (and know your computer) and always go to https://facebook.com. 

I know I'm playing around with the definition of a word a bit much, but please for the love of god don't say you were hacked. Any ten year old skid can run a bruteforce on an account. Just use a better password and https.

Don't be an idiot and when it asks you to press J in the fucking URL Bar, don't Press j and then paste it
Your account wasn't hacked, you were being an idiot by trying to watch "Laden's death video"
"Rhiannas porn video"
Just be smart 

No but Ex-girlfriends WILL do that! LOL