Fables, Legends in Exile

Recently, I binge-read the Fables graphic novel. It's the best thing I've ever read.

Is there anyone else who has/is read/reading the comics? 7 more issues to go.


If there is anyone else, let's discuss it!

I hold no shame in Bigby being my favourite character. Anybody prefer anybody else? I'd say second is Mowgli, and third Prince Charming, if you can believe that.

I haven't bought any in a long time. The last collected edition was #16 ('Rose Red'; for some reason that's #15 in the English version). They're quite expensive for me (student with a small income) but I really want to buy some new reading material soon (comic-wise).

Well, I think the sympathy for certain characters changes during the story.
I really like Rose Red and Boy Blue (very excited to see how his story continues). But I really hate Jack. Bought one paperback of his series...nope, don't like him at all.

Sometimes the story focuses a bit too much on characters I'm not that fond of. But overall I have to say it's one of my favorite non-superhero comic series.