Fable 2

Great game overall let me hear what you think of it i will release a more detail reviews later, peace.

hows the online play?

Piece of shit game. I recommend you return it before it gives you E74.

It wasn't as good as the first 1. The graphics even look the same, just with more lighting effects than bloom lol. Less choices to make, just a bunch of big obvious ones that cause drastic change.

Fable 2 = A Broken Xbox

@ Sonota

Mine worked fine. Don't tell everyone a product will destroy your hardware when it's just your fucking individual hardware itself that needed replacing. Games don't give you E74, it's a common manufacturing problem with Microsoft's shitty 3rd world factories.

@ Mike

I play on Co-Op with my brother frequently, though it seems to me as kind of a unnecessary "tacked-on" feature. When you join someone else's game, you're given a choice of six pre-made characters(Evil Male, Neutral Male, Good Male, same for Female's) and you load the skills from your character in your game to the pre-made one, JUST the skills, not the appearance, items or weapons.

@ Hopkiller

I liked it a little better than the first, but overall, I'm kind of disappointed. The game is WAY too short, I finished the game and all the side quests in 35 hours. If I shell out $60 for a game, it better give me at least 60 hours of gameplay. Story, multiplayer, doesn't matter, as long as I get that 60 hours. It's fun enough to play through maybe one more time, but even that's stretching it. I'd give it a 7/10. Should have bought Fallout 3.


I think I just threw up in my throat a little

@God Of Hell

It's not only me. Look all over the internet. TONS and TONS of people have been getting these errors, from fable 2 and cod4.

My xbox hasn't had any problems with Fable 2 or COD 4.

lmao blood

How long have you played?

thats nasty....

dude ive been playing fable 2 a lot, and have had cod4 since it was released and haven't had a problem. i dont think it matters what game you are playing, if the hardwares going to fail its going to fail. you are just more likely to get a bunch of people having problems on games that are more popular because, well more people are playing them and probably for longer periods of time.

my friends just crapped out on fallout 3 the other day.

really the 360 is crap