F/S: Corsair 800D ($230)

Up for sale is my Corsair 800D case for [b][u]$230 cash or paypal[/u][/b] with [b][u]local pickup[/u][/b] (though [b][u]seriously considering shipping[/u][/b] it). It is in very good condition and has had 4 modifications done to it.

[U]Modification #1[/U]: I modified one 5.25" bay cover for a stealthed DVD drive. The modified bay cover will come with the case so that all the new owner needs to do to stealth his/her dvd drive is attach it via double sided sticky tape.

[U]Modification #2[/U]: 1 of the 5.25" bay covers has had a hole drilled out of it for a single vandal switch. I will include this bay cover so that all the new owner has to do is install their own vandal switch inside the hole. Alternatively, I can adjust the price if the new owner would like the vandal switch that I currently have installed in the case.

[U]Modification #3[/U]: I have drilled 2 very small holes inside the case to allow the installation of mounting clips for cylindrical reservoirs. These holes are not noticeable when cylindrical reservoir mounting clips are not installed.

[U]Modification #4[/U]: One of the 5.25" bay drive supporting brackets was modified via a dremel cutting wheel to allow for the installation of double bay reservoirs. This modification caused some of the paint inside of the 5.25" bay to chip. However, it is not noticeable through the window of the case since it is so far inside the 5.25" drive bay.

Below you can find pictures of the stealthed dvd drive cover and the vandal switch modified drive cover. I will include more pictures of the case in a day or two.



The dvd drive that is stealthed is the bottom most 5.25" bay.

I am asking for [B][u]$230 cash or paypal[/u][/B] with a [B][u]local pickup only[/u][/B] right now...still contemplating whether I want to ship the case or not.

I am located in Boca Raton, FL but will be in the Tampa Bay area May 4-5.

nice case you got there why are you selling it?

Paxton said:

nice case you got there why are you selling it?

Going to side-grade to a Dangerden Tower 26 Black Series case with a 480 rad.


where are you located pm me i'm interested!!


where are you located pm me i'm interested!!

PMed you back.

Shame this didn't come a couple of months from now. I would have probably gone for it.