F***ed 2011 15" Macbook Pro: Installed Linux mint and waiting for

So like many others, I suppose, my 15" 2011 Macbook pro just got F***ed after the new Sierra install. Apple did change something in their install since ElCapitan.

My MBP started acting weird two years ago, and I dealt with it. I switched to intel HD3000 only by removing the drivers (Kexts) in single mode startup and keeping mountain lion version. The system just used the integrated graphics card and it was OK, until I decided I needed some Sierra magic. And I did get it.

Deactivating the discrete graphics card was not an option any more, because the system would start even with emulated graphics card with no drivers on discrete one. So it started heating then gave up.
After trying everything (even re flowing did work for three days) I thought It was lost. Got back to window on another laptop.

Then I stumbled upon some articles about forcing the Linux loader (or EFI booter or something else) to use the integrated graphics. I tried it and it worked with Ubuntu at first. I installed it but couldn't get the EFI to load it normally (maybe I was at fault) but ended doing the same thing with LinuxMint 18. Even installed a certain EFI loader and then configured it to force the use of the intel HD3000 and behold it worked. It boots normally with integrated graphics card.

Now, I have got this old laptop (Macbook pro 15" on Linux waiting for some work: I'm thinking ROM customizing for now maybe - I need to digg in more) but I have this question: Since it did work for Linux, could it work for OSX yosemite (last good version of OS X I think)?

I need to investigate things... Does any one know bout this?

Somwhat off topic, my 2011 is working fine on the latest os, although 13" not 15". Shouldn't really make a difference, mostly same hardware.

Well that's the idea: You don't have a discrete graphics I suppose, and it's working. So why apple doesn't let people use the integrated one for those who have this problem!!!

The only thing I can use is intel graphics too :(

Once the GPU is fried you can't even boot the system. The old way, till yosemite, was : when you install OSX you get 3 partitions on your hard drive. First EFI, second for os recuperation/recovery and third for the OS itself. So you could run the repair with just the intel HD3000 even if your discrete was fried (just start with option key then chose the second drive/partition). A solution could be found.
But with the new EL capitan and forward, you do the same thing by booting the system in the recovery mode (option+ R). So you have to have a working discrete GPU to boot even your recovery mode.
So when I say you can't start you MBP, you really can't. It's just a brick sitting there heating for nothing.
For sierra with safe mode, it just stutters. Even opening the dashboard just draws it on the screen line by line. And when it heats you kill you GPU because it wouldn't switch to Intel GPU.

Anyway it' a mess. Apple doesn't want to give people a solution to revive all those MBPs because they want to sell new ones. So if they replace yours they're losing a bit but confirming the idea that a laptop should be changed every 2 to three years.

By the way. the intel HD3000 works just fine for normal use with no problems. Of course, no video editing, no full HD weird formats (mkvs,x265s I think: just takes 2 second if you want to forward a video to the middle -just chose the Xplayer).

The idea behind this post was to say that you can revive you MBP with dead GPU via linux. And if someone, is handy enough, could he install OS X(which version?) and force it at the boot to use the intel GPU? How?

Thx a bunch. That's the idea I was looking for (clover).
I'm going to try all the option save the apple way. Don't have an apple store anywhere nearby.
Seems a bit stupid to go to another country to just get a MBP fixed (even the process is not straight forward as people have witnessed). I'm going to save things here (already running linux mint -- good for me) and just change brands and live on.