F*ck you Newegg


What? Coin miners are actually buying like that...

I don't get the hatred for newegg..?

Wut... if I psudomaths this right with approximately 0 knowledge of coin mining:

REVISED a little

  • Spend 5K on graphics cards
  • Mine for a month's worth of time (roughly 730 hours)
  • Use roughly 2700W of power running these at 450Wea as a guesstimate OC/whatever these miners do
  • Spend roughly $10/day on electricity or Roughly $300/month
  • and (by http://www.bitcoinx.com/profit/ calc) you make $0.01USD/Month mining... (assuming I collected the average hashrate of these cards correctly) Make this $100/day


You spent 5 Grand, and made back the money *potentially if you can find a means of using the coins you mined to give you something worth the time and money, not a million dollar pizza* in about 2 months... When you could have probably just bought $5k worth of Bitcoins in a fraction of the time. But hey, if you want $5k worth of graphics cards go ahead I guess.

I don't think it's a hate for newegg, more of a "are you fricken serious NewEgg?"

Your math is way off haha.

You can make roughly $70 a day mining with 6 7970's. Probably about $100 a day with some tweaking. Plus I have solar panelzzz so my power bill is like $20 a month.

I don't know how to calculate any of this, lmfao thats why psudomath because it could barely be called math with how off i likely am

Point being that the price gouging is bad enough, but now they have special deals (albeit shitty special deals) that appear to be just for miners. This upsets me because that specific card has two new great features that set it apart from other cards, yet the primary target for newegg seems to be the miners who will benefit from neither of them.

It's like have a special on books on tape only for deaf people, when they could just by a normal book they can actually read.

So let me get this straight?

newegg is wrong to appeal to a rather large and willing to pay consumer?

they're making money bro. you don't like it. shop somewhere else.

In this video by Ryan Shrout he explains the situation very well. at 8:51


It isn't price gouging, it's economics. When demand rises and supply stays the same, prices go up. Newegg is buying these cards from their suppliers at a higher price than normal, just like we're buying the cards from retailers at a higher price than normal. If Newegg wants to keep getting stock of cards like this, they need to sell as many as possible. In the end, this STILL works out better for the gamers that want those cards because if Newegg didn't do things like this, they wouldn't be able to get enough cards to support their customer demand.

Are they making more money than they would have before the mining craze? Absolutely. Is there another retailer out there that isn't doing the same thing? Nope.

AMD and the non-reference card makers are still selling the cards at msrp, Newegg is doing there own price mark up to the $900 or whatever it is.   

Then buy one from the factory and everyone stop complaining.

How do you know that? I would be absolutely shocked if AMD isn't trying to sell whichever cards they can with at least some sort of markup. Granted, many of the cards that are manufactured and shipped today were sold at an agreed upon price long ago, but they do have stock that they can play with the prices and sell to resellers at a different price today.

Furthermore, given the fact that they are selling every single card that they manufacture, with or without a price markup, it is likely that they have significantly more cash on hand than they projected. If they're smart, they'll reinvest this into R&D so that they can release some incredible products once the mining craze dies down. That way, once all the miners cash out, sell their hardware, and flood the market with cheap, used cards that compete with expensive Nvidia hardware, AMD can still release a new product that is worth buying. In the end, it could turn out better for gamers.

Whatever just stop bitching and go buy and Nvidia. Who gives a fuck the difference is minimal in gaming anyways.

I don't know if you're telling me to quit bitching, but, to be clear, I wasn't. I really wanted to know if you had a source saying that AMD is still selling cards to retailers at prices based on the MSRP. I don't buy into the red-team vs green-team junk, and I actually find the whole situation interesting.

Watch the video KAT linked, I assumed you had.

At this point in time, unless you are really wanting mantle support, or are mining, Go with whichever is best for the price point you want.

Which will probably be Nvidia for now.