Eyelash in my Crossover 324k?

Just hooked up my crossover 324K and was unpleasantly surprised to see a hair or something INSIDE the panel. Obviously can't take a screenshot but here's a picture:


I chose this one on Wendell's recommendation. I just dropped $500+ dollars on this monitor and I am not happy. What do I do?!

3 choices

  1. Return it
  2. Get an electronics repair shop to fix it
  3. Pull it apart yourself and remove it
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Korean monitors have that issue sometimes. It is a bit of a gamble. Mine came without any issues like that, but I've had other Korean monitors which had hair behind the glass. It is a risk that comes with the cheap price. Try to find a decent 32" 4k monitor not from Korea and compare that price to what you paid. Whatever the difference is is what you saved by getting that little hair.

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Sadly this is true

Don't worry too much, just be patient and think about which option is best for you.
Are you willing to risk doing it yourself? Do you trust yourself enough?
Give us updates though. Good luck.

Hi all,

I talked to dream-seller and he was okay with me shipping it back. He's going to send me a new replacement, which is nice. I was able to ship it back in the original boxes which also wasn't too much of a hassle.

RE: everyone saying "You saved a whole bunch of money on the monitor so you have to accept defects." I get where you're coming from, but does a hair really qualify as an acceptable defect? I did a lot of research and I never came across that as a risk. A few dead pixels (in almost ten million) or some backlight bleed, sure but a hair? I don't think that counts as an acceptable risk.

I will close out the thread when I get the replacement later this week.

No, you're right. You shouldn't be expected to keep this with hair in it.