Simple question:

Is having 3 monitors worth the money for gaming? Not for multi-tasking, but for gaming?

i have 3 monitors and they where $139 a piece IPS, and 1080p, they where cheap and I had the money, 60 FPS @5760 x 1080 in games is A FREAKING BALL, having periferal vision for once is great, especially with FPS GAMES. I say if you have the money then go for it, its also great for just general web browsing and productivity.

Go with a 21:9 monitor over eyefinity I would say.  I have tried both since one of my friends has 3 Dell 2240L monitors in eyefintiy and one of my other friends has a 21:9 monitor and the eyefininty gives a wider image but there are the bezel of the screens which are small on the Dell monitors but still annoying.  With the 21:9 you dont have to worry about that and there are not as many driver issues and stuff with a single monitor.  Also you will need like 7970s in CF or something to do eyefinity and get decent framerate in demanding games.  My friend with eyefinity uses 2 7970s and on high settings avg about 65 fps in battlefield 4 just for an idea on the gpu horsepower you will need.  My friend with the 21:9 plays his games just fine with a 280x.  So going eyefinity my cost you more then just the monitor if you have to upgrade your gpu.

From a pixel to dollar stand point a 3 monitor setup running Eyefinity is more cost effective than an ultra widescreen single monitor display from LG aka 21:9 aspect ratio. That being said, if you have the money the LG route is not  a bad one but I personally prefer having 3 monitors that rap around me than a single flat monitor.

I don't know what is going on with your friend's set up but I can run BF4 on a single 770 with three monitors on high, are they 1440p monitors?

5x1 portrait with the bezels removed!


DUDE! The level of "I WANT ONE" is over 9000! That is brilliant. I am also curious what cards you have driving this insane setup.

As much as I wish it was mine it's not, http://www.overclock.net/t/1220962/vegas-heavyweight-display-and-computer-edition-2012/850


It states he's powering it with 4x HD7970 Lightnings, which in and of itself is already insane. and yes, Give_It_To_Me_Now_Colbert.gif

Could be, but a 21:9 monitor could be an alternative so there's no bezels.