Just a quick question with screen sizes. 

I currently run a single 24 inch screen, my brother works in an IT department and he has a bunch of old 3:4 17 inch screens that i can just take for free. Would this even work or would my resolution go all out of whack due to different aspect ratios

Eyefinity wont work as it requires equal resolutions, but you should have no trouble running triple monitors if you like.  

If gaming is your only interest however, there are 3rd party programs that can handle it.  SoftTH for example.

Really?  Hmmm.  I was under the impression that it only worked with monitors running the same resolution?  Granted, I've never tried it any other way, but still.  Wonder why I thought that?  

Great.  Now that's gonna bug me for a while.

I think eyefinity is more flexible than Nvidia Surround. I havent personally tried eyefinity but I know surround requires 3 pretty much identical monitors. Also I think it would look kinda crappy as I dont think most games are designed to run surround on 3:4 aspect ratio displays.