Eyefinity setup with a 7770

Hey! I'm new here, although I've been watching tech syndicate for awhile now. 

I just got myself a XFX Black edition 7770 and thinking about getting a second monitor. Right now I am using one 19" monitor using DVI-D to vga adapter(will be changing this soon to dvi) and my 37" tv via HDMI cable for when I want to watch movies or shows. 

What I want to know is am I able to use eyefinity with 1 HDMI+1DVI+ an active display-port to DVI? I've searched online for an answer to this but have not been able to find it.  

ya you can do that and just have it set as 3 monitors and game on only one or you can enable eyefinty and it will span all three screens.  If you use all 3 in eyefinity to game you might get low fps and its a little weird having different sized monitors.  

I'm kind of confused about your question though.  "...am I able to use eyefinity with 1 HDMI+1DVI+ an active display-port to DVI? "  Do you want to run your current monitor, plus tv, and a new monitor?  For a total of 3 displays?  

Here's this from AMD's website.  Also a PDF from AMD for your reading pleasure.

I'm sorry Wade, I'm not the best at explaining things. Yes, I want to be able to run 3 displays. I want to have one monitor for gaming and one monitor for stuff like game maps, crafting recipes, ect... Then be able to turn on my tv and start watching a movie or show after I'm doing gaming.

I think Ragingh4vok, has answered my question though, I thought I HAD to use eyefinity for more than 2 displays. However I still need to use the display port to hdmi adapter for the 3 display, correct?

Sorry for the delayed response. I really wish I got email notifications, but any who.  I've a 17", 19" monitor and a 32" HDTV so I will test this for you right now, (I have a 7850 so shouldn't be that much of a difference) .. I've only ran 2 displays at the same time. I'm curious about this myself. I'll edit this post when I have confirmation in maybe an hour.... 20 minutes later.

Here's what I've found out with a 17" monitor connected with DVI, 19" monitor connected with vga to dvi adapter, and a 32" HDTV connected with HDMI. It's not good/pretty for the VGA. 

Although Windows 7 detects 3 displays the 19" vga is disabled .. and I'm unable to enable it.

AMD only detects the two digital displays OR knows that the vga is incompatible so ignores it.

Hopefully your monitor isn't vga.  Note to self "buy newer monitor"