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Extracting Assets from A Hat in Time?


So, the developer of UE Viewer, the only documented extraction tool for assets in A Hat in Time that doesn’t require the modding tools editor, completely gave up on the game and called it quits…,6228.0.html

This means there is no extraction tool for this game anymore.

Anyone here wanting to take up the task to make a fork of it with Hat in Time support? Because the original dev will NEVER reconsider patching the program to get it working again.

Or, is there a way to extract assets (like sounds) using the editor that is undocumented? All Google gives you is a vague answer of “Just use the editor.”



The only potential lead, and it may be useless I don’t know, is The Cutting Room Floor.

There is a very few things in there but as the article notes everything needs to be done. Who ever submitted it though might have more information. They are contactable in twitter.

Hope it helps.



These look like they were extracted before the person that provided the tool gave up. There’s nothing from the recent DLCs at all on the page.