Extra Wide Mousemat

Anyone know of any good mouse mats that are around 700mmx300mm/400mm in length?

I want a wide mouse mat that will be able to hold my mouse and keyboard but will also fit on my small desk (800mmx600mm)

If there is no mouse mat that is this size would I be able to cut something like the corsair extra wide mouse mat (930mm x 300mm) to size with an exacto knife/box cutter without fraying of the edges?

Razer makes a Big one

LINK < Amazon

The Dimensions are: 920 x 294 x 4,3mm

Hope it helped :)

Thanks, do you think I could cut it?


Mmmh well I dont think its a good idea to cut it, the edges are "stiched" with a very fine silklike looking thread, it will get pretty messy. If you want something very durable i suggest looking into a " handmade " aluminium mouse-panel. It has to have a special surface tho' and you have to know what kind of sensor your periphials have. But  then you can get an awesome mouse-panel. Just ask in your local metal processing shop, if they can do something like this for you, If the Panel is cast, or mashined out of a solid piece the performance is awesome. You just have to make shure, that the surface is non reflecting and stays like that. I suggest you ask for a fairly rough surface on the raw aluminium , then let them add one or two layers of matt [insert color here]. At the end you should finish it with a non-stick clearcoat ( these water repellent ones maybe ). Its expensive, but the performance is just awesome.