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Extra names on user summary


I’m not sure if this is actually a bug or if it’s one of Discourse “features”, but some accounts seem to have associated names on user summaries. They seem to be related to either emails or associated Google accounts or something, but after some discussion in the Lounge about it it’s inconclusive.

I feel like these extra names could be personal information for some people.

EDIT: These show on the summary page of users, e.g.


yes actually wtf, where do I turn that off my first name isn’t listed anywhere on my profile so is it pulling it from my gmail?

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Did you do the connect google thing?
I can see it on several people too.

Has to be google unless people put their names in somewhere.


Yes its if you connected to google and it will only show in that case. Disconnect from google and it goes away leaving only your email which wont show. The inherent problem is how liberal google is with your information on these linked accounts and authentication accounts

Im generally okay with it if it has an option to hide it. I wouldnt hide mine… Hi everyone im Eric… in case you didnt already know @Heimdallr’s first name LOL


anything visible on mine? Doubt even if - one could find it, since most of you spam as fuk anyway.


I’m not currently connected to my google account yet the info is still displayed


Same I use a username / password.


I cant see it anywhere. I have a feeling its from the SSO section, but the name it blank (for me). Maybe @wendell can have a look.

Can someone experiment for me and change their “name” in their profile and see if it overrides it.


So, looks like it has a name, but the name section shows blank when looked at. And it also looks like you cant edit your name yourself…


Yours says “test”

edit; now it says



The names were not there on 4 January, so it’s a pretty recent thing to start happening.


I dont believe so, only a gmail but the gmail does have my real name since its my primary Google account


While hopefully wendell has a look, if anyone wants it fixed, let me know what you’d like your new name to be. (i don’t think i can submit a blank name)

Keep in mind, changing your name will be legally binding within the known universe, forever.


Is there any way to check this other than trying to find myself in someone else’s summary page? Because I don’t believe I’ve made it anyone’s summary page. :smile:

I don’t believe I have name visible, and don’t really mind if someone can see my first name. Just curious to know what info about me is visible.


You are in @ArgGrr’s summary. No name shown


Can I be named Flapjack?


You are now Goalkeeper of Flapjack.




@eden what are you changing to set a name for people?


change mine to blank name


My name is Dick Cannon, can you change it for me please?