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Extra headers found in Asus WRX80 Sage

I have have noticed extra headers in my Asus WRX80 Sage motherboard. Did i get an engineering sample? It was in a retail box.

There is no mention of these headers in the motherboard’s manual.

2 of them had a label of BMC_DEBUGUART and yhe otherone is DEBUG, the third ine in the middle is not labled.

Any ideas?

Also, was wondering what would be the best way to terminate the VGA header given discreet graphics and the need of being able to fully control PC remotely using BMC/IPMI. Was thinking if there is any ESP32 chip of raspberry pi zero that would allow me to see bios screen both remotely and locally when am working on the #sworkstation.

The vga header will allow you to view the bios, but not separately from an GPU after boot. The keyboard is shared.
Very handy for setup. You should be able to use the virtual console of the BMC to the pc remotely from a pi or what have you. Not the bios, but the sensor outputs, fan control.
You just need the ethernet connected to your network.

Any ideas about the other headers?

Although I’m not sure what to do with them, my board has the same headers.