External Mesh Wireless AC1300 - can non-Unifi PoE switch be used?

Hello all,

Sorry to bother you, but with this model, do you think I can I plug it into my Netgear PoE switch and create a second Wifi, or do I have to use a unifi switch?

Reason I ask is because I’m doing building work in my back garden and could do with wifi there - I have a cheap TP link AP connected via CAT coming off the router and placed in a shed, but it’s not reliable or waterproof. It just creates a separate wifi network that I connect to, so I can listen to youtube when I’m working!

I’ve bought one Unifi NanoHD already, but that’s for the house and not installed yet. My intention is to have 2 NanoHD’s in the house in total, and something that will do the garden as well…although I’m a bit hesitant as I might eventually get an inside one in the new building…I’m, umm, building!



As long as it outputs the right amount of power I don’t think UniFi have anything that requires a specific brand of PoE switch.

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Thank you for that, much appreciated! :+1: :clap:

It seems with tech, there’s a kind of rabbit hole to go down!

Although I’m not in a lightning area, just an average low altitude place in the UK, I’m a bit concerned about electrical surges going back to my main equipment - which at the moment is only the cheap router that came with the internet connection and a PoE switch I got for free. But even so, I’m likely going to get 2 Ubiquiti anti-surge protectors, just in case.

I’m wondering if I should just hold out until I have ‘in building’ wifi…hmmm.

Ad says: “Multiple Power Options
Power the UniFi AC Mesh with an 802.3af compatible switch, a UniFi PoE Switch, or the included Gigabit PoE adapter”.

However if you’re planning to move it inside, maybe you should also consider the “Flex HD” - it’s similar it NanoHD … in terms of capabilities (more modern internals, compared to outdoor mesh), except it’s also outdoor rated.

I think FlexHD also comes with its own injector in the box - if in doubt.

Also, perhaps you could configure tp link with same network parameters and same wifi options as unifi … it definitely won’t be as “pretty” in terms of showing stuff on unifi controller dashboards, but should work in a pinch.

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Thank you very much for that, you’re a bloomin helpful guy :+1: I didn’t know about the flexHD, it looks like it works well internally too. Excellent find, thank you!

I don’t think I’ll worry too much about the TP link I have, it was only £20/$30 or so and quite limited. For your amusement, heres my advanced outdoor wifi system (when it’s not raining) :slight_smile: